Backing up your computer


Do you back your PC up regularly? If not, do you realise that you will lose literally everything if your laptop/PC dies?

Computers generally last around 5-7 years in a business environment, some die in the first week and others can last for decades, but a general rule of thumb is 5 years. Your computer rarely gives you much notice before it decides to break and things always get worse with age. Replacing your computer around every 5 years is a good way to minimise data loss, it also keeps your PC fast and secure.

Another thing, not all data loss is caused by computer hardware, a simple cup of coffee can destroy a laptop in a few seconds if not dealt with properly. (FYI here’s what to do if you spill your morning brew on your laptop). In short, your computer can die at any moment and you need to have a regular reliable backup schedule in place, so, here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you have a server or network storage, save your most important files there, you can always drag copies over to your documents to work on later if needed.
  2. If you don’t have a server, you need to have a backup solution on your computer, a cloud backup service should be enough for small documents and photos. For computers with business software installed on them, you need to think about a more robust solution.
  3. If you just have small files – less than 20GB – you could use something like Dropbox or OneDrive where your files are synced to the cloud.
  4. Computers and servers with large amounts of data should back their data up to another server or an external disk, they should also use a cloud backup solution in case of a major disaster.

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