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A good business needs a great team, and great teams are about personalities as well as skills – how people gel together, and work in harmony, while adding their own unique contribution to the whole. Each member of our close-knit Bandicoot band brings something of themselves to the business, while blending expertly with the skills of the others.


We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the staff at Bandicoot, so you can get a feel for the individual personalities in our company. We’re a lot more than just technology geeks, we’re the human face of IT – people you can trust, who you’ll find it easy to talk to, and who you can rely on. We want you to get to know who we are, not just what we can do for you.


Stuart Bowen

Stuart is Mr Bandicoot, the man who started it all, and our inspirational guru for all things IT-related. Stuart’s area of expertise is so wide-ranging that it’s more like a whole continent. He has over 20 years’ involvement in IT across different sectors, applying his professional skills, while building up a formidable wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

This includes Windows desktop and server support, networks, domains and DNS, email, databases, website hosting and developing specialist software.

He’s now added to his formidable experience by running both a successful IT company, and a business centre.

Stuart personifies Bandicoot’s can-do approach to helping SMEs. He knows his tech, but he also knows people and how to support them. He says he likes being the boss because he doesn’t have to answer to anyone – except his customers, his staff, his tenants, his suppliers, Companies House and HMRC.

When not working, Stuart likes to cook, then eat what he’s cooked, then work it all off on long walks through the Lake District.

He’s fond of the old techie joke: there are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don’t.


Anna Bowen

Anna is CIPD qualified and runs Bandicoot’s administration and HR. She’s also increasingly involved in the company’s marketing and recruitment. She’s got a background in the NHS, so she knows a thing or two about infrastructure and organisation. As our business has expanded, she’s been there to provide essential insight and practical support. In short, she’s the backbone of Bandicoot.

Anna’s passion is for nurturing and developing individual team members and, in so doing, the business itself. She sees it as crucial that, alongside the outward-facing service Bandicoot provides its customers, is a parallel development of the company’s own culture and values, which help make it a great place to work for all the team.

Anna is originally from Bury, which is where she met Stuart. They now live in Cliviger, near Burnley, where she likes to ride her pony in her spare time. She leaves most of the walking to Stuart.


Tom Coley

Having joined the company in 2014 as an apprentice and completing his NVQ, Tom is now Senior IT Technician at Bandicoot.

While providing Bandicoot’s IT support and internet services, Tom also specialises in website design and development. In addition, he’s become a vital linchpin in developing the company’s server monitoring system – an essential part of the proactive IT support the company is proud to be able to offer to its clients.

Tom finds both website design and IT technology fascinating and absorbing, while staying on the right side of sociable – he shares this infectious sense of enthusiasm with his co-workers and the apprentice IT staff he supports.

Tom’s doing the job he loves, and you can clearly see this in his dedication to Bandicoot’s clients and the people he works with.

When Tom has a break from IT and web-related tasks he loves a bit of international travelling, while closer to home he can be found on the ice rink or playing video games.


Matt Harding

Matt’s from Bacup in Rossendale and has been with Bandicoot since March 2016. As an apprentice IT Technician, Matt works with Stuart and Tom to provide Bandicoot’s clients with all the IT support and problem-solving they need.

As an area of specialisation, Matt is also focussing on website design, which he finds thoroughly absorbing.

Matt’s found his own kind of freedom at Bandicoot, where he’s been encouraged to develop his natural aptitude for all things IT.

This shows in his boundless enthusiasm for his work, and his willingness to keep developing his skills and know-how.

If he’s not in front of a computer screen, Matt likes nothing better than tinkering in his garage – until he’s unable to resist the lure of computer games, that is.


Jack Briggs

Jack is the newest member of the Bandicoot team. Born and raised in Blackburn, Jack is our second apprentice IT Technician, working closely with Matt and the rest of the team.

This means he’s busily honing his practical skills, providing full support to our clients and the team, while learning lots of new things, and reading up on in-depth stuff like computer languages – the sort of things we think about so that you don’t have to.

With a shared interest in technology, and getting on with people, Jack fits neatly into the Bandicoot way of doing things.

Jack’s got a dog and a pet lizard at home, which makes for a varied pet selection, and he likes archery and books. Like several other members of the team, he’s also partial to a bit of tinkering with computers in his spare time. His skills in this area are particularly useful for when family members need help with IT of their own.


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