Why Is Website Maintenance Important?


  The aesthetic look and feel of your website is a key element for success, but not the only component. Having your website up and running, looking pretty, is simply not enough. Regularly updating and maintaining your site is crucial [...]

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IT Support Services: How To Choose The Right Company


  Selecting a company for your IT support services is arguably one of the most important decisions you make. Luckily, you have come to the right page to give you all the information. IT issues are a pain in the [...]

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What Are The Top 5 Cyber Crimes?


  With the rise in popularity that technology has had over the years, it’s no surprise that cyber crimes are increasing, too. More users equals more crimes committed. Millions of cases of cyber crimes are reported to the police each [...]

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How Can Cyber Crime Be Prevented?


Are you wanting to prevent cyber crime? Online identity theft and fraud, webcam hackers, ransomware cyber-attacks, phishing, and other scams are a threat to all of us. This Bandicoot blog is designed to help you protect your data and privacy, [...]

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Christmas Blog Post


  2021 has been a roller coaster. Many ups, many downs and most importantly we are finishing the year with a business round-up and a Christmas themed questionnaire our team have answered.   Christmas Decorations As a business, we’d like [...]

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Can You Be Hacked Through Your Website?


Website hacking isn’t something new. Websites are prone to be hacked and have been since cyber criminals were active. There are various steps you can take to get rid of such issues and protect all your personal data. It’s hard [...]

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Why Your Business Needs A Password Policy


Most organisations don’t have a password policy until the worst happens. Passwords are your first line of defence; they protect your business data and customers information. But many companies have weak or non-existent password policies, putting them at a heightened [...]

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Best Tech Gifts You Can Buy This Christmas


We don’t want to alarm you unless you’re a last-minute shopper, but we are just shy of 6 weeks until Christmas. The sunshine? Gone. Halloween? Barely even noticed it. From now until 2022 our focus is putting the star on the tree [...]

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Clear Signs Your Business Needs An IT Support Provider


When your business has just got up and running, you may be thinking to yourself ‘Do I need an IT support provider or is it an additional cost that I can’t afford?’ Change your thinking and mindset for a second. [...]

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