The Gerrard Group

Internet Case Study

Alex from The Gerrard Group came to us after having problems with his previous host. We migrated one of their WordPress websites to our secure UK based servers.

During the migration, we discovered that the website had not received any maintenance for some time. Alex agreed to a one-off maintenance session to update the core WordPress installation and all plugins. There were a few complications during the maintenance session but we managed to get the website functioning correctly.

We also installed an SSL certificate and switched the website over to use HTTPS by default.

After using the same company for over 12 years for all of my website designs and hosting I started having recurring issues with the hosting of my websites and I decided to look for a company that owned its own servers.

The recurring issue was that another business, who’s domain was hosted by the same server as my business, had been sending thousands of “special offer” emails which had caused the server to be black listed by Hotmail, live, outlook etc; and so all of my businesses emails to customers were bouncing back. This happened 3 times and meant our emails were down for almost a week each time. I own a wedding venue and our emails are essential to communicate with our customers and send quotes etc; I discovered that the web business I had been using had no control over who was hosted on the server as they didn’t own the server so to prevent this issue happening again I concluded that it would be best if my sites were hosted by a business that owned it’s own servers.

After a quick search on Google I came across Stuart and the team at Bandicoot. Bandicoot own their own servers and have full control over what businesses they work with and the websites they host. I popped in to meet Stuart and the team who were lovely and clearly knew what they were doing.

I moved my hosting across to Bandicoot and I couldn’t be happier. Stuart and the guys at Bandicoot took care of everything for me. They went through my sites to check everything was ok, updated the wordpress and took care of the SSL certificate too. I haven’t had a single issue with my emails and I am relaxed with the peace-of-mind that my sites are in safe hands.

Bandicoot is not the cheapest but in my view they are the best.
Alexander Gerrard, The Gerrard Group