WoodStone Servers Alive

Bandicoot can supply the following to businesses and organisations in the UK and Europe. Get in touch and let us know whether it is a new license or upgrade and numbers of licenses required. Also, let us know if you are a charity or not for profit organisation which may entitle you to discounts. Orders taken from official order forms with 14 day terms available.

Servers Alive

Servers Alive is an end-to-end network monitoring tool running on Windows 2008/2012/7/8/10. It works agentless and across operating systems. checks and alerts are on the cutting edge of technology.

Extensive Network Monitoring

High network monitoring performance without a high price. From a simple ping to more complex SNMP checks, web URLs to Windows performance monitoring. And if you can't find the check you need within our extensive list of available options you can always write your own using our very simple COM interface. Simply the most extensive network monitoring available.

Flexible Alerting Engine

Designed for real life alerting with maximum alerting types. Alerts can be sent to teams or persons, that way you can adapt the address to which the alert is sent based on the person's schedule. You'll get the alert when you're on-call, and not on other days.

Smart Output

Create your own HTML templates using our easy to use HTML tags to get great looking web output.

Graphical Results

Servers Alive uses industry standard RRD (Round Robin Database) to give you great looking graphics of check times and results that you can use in reports or web pages.
Agent-less for most monitoring, agents for secure environments
Most of the monitoring can be done without special remote agents. However for some secure environments we also have remote agents.