Do you want more than a reliable mailbox?

Do you want to be able to pick up your emails using Outlook, your smartphone and also webmail?

Do you want to view and edit appointments on your iPhone, have them automatically synchronize with Outlook and share them with your colleagues?


Our mail servers allow you to pick up your emails on multiple devices using Exchange ActiveSync.


Calendars can be synced to multiple devices and can be shared with anyone in your company using a simple web interface.


Mail is scanned for viruses and spam before reaching your inbox.

Bandicoot can supply Office 365 from only £37.20 per user per year which includes a 50Gb hosted Microsoft Exchange mailbox and 1Tb of online cloud file storage per user.

Bandicoot also offer a hosted Exchange mailbox with a massive 125Gb quota with an option of a 10 year archive and hosted in the UK in two data centres.

As a cheaper alternative for Microsoft Exchange, our Kerio MailServer solution provides access to shared calendars, shared contacts and email from Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Kerio WebMail, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices that support over the air synchronization. Kerio Smart Wipe remotely deletes company data when the device is lost or stolen.  In addition, all inbound email is first passed through an email security filtering system, providing you with protection of your mailboxes – as standard – from both spam and viruses.

Please get in touch so we can discover which option best suits your needs.