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How secure is your business?

If your business uses any type of technology, it is vulnerable to a cyber attack, no matter how small you are.

£3 Billion

Losses to fraud and cybercrime in the UK


Average cost to SME's businesses identifying breaches with an outcome


Amount of SME's in the UK identifying breaches or attacks.


The total percentage or British businesses which identified a breach this year.


How secure is your data?

Our complete IT support package Peta provides the confidence that you are protected by the best antivirus, phishing awareness training and scam software on the market. We are so confident in our service that we provide a Virus Recovery Guarantee and a Data Recovery Guarantee!

It is doubtful that your business insurance covers you for cybercrime unless you have taken out a “Cyber Excess Layer”.  

Insurance companies that offer cyber cover, minimise risk by adding caveats.

A typical list of caveats that businesses need to comply with: 

  • Regularly tested offsite and independent backups 
  • Use of Multi Factor Authentication 
  • Use of VPNs for remote access 
  • Regular cyber security awareness training 
  • Patching done asap 
  • No unsupported/end of life software 
  • Email filtering/virus scanning 
  • Antivirus and firewalls on all machines 

 Businesses that have all these in place would be very unlucky indeed to be a victim of cybercrime!  

Does your Insurance Cover Cybercrime?

A business savvy company lost over £12,000 to email fraudsters.

We all like to think that this wouldn’t happen to us, we would spot a fake email, we would do more checks etc. In the real world however, hackers are getting better at impersonating and manipulating people.

In April 2022 a member of staff unfortunately entered their Microsoft 365 login details in a fake site after receiving a phishing email. The hacker proceeded to use the credentials to send emails from the compromised mailbox with the intention of spear phishing a contact of theirs, probably to have any outstanding payments redirected to their bank account...

Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

Insurance is always a good idea, but you will need to comply with any caveats on IT insurance.  

Our Peta package will give you the peace of mind that your IT security has been audited by experts, drastically reducing the chances of an attack and meeting any insurance caveats you may have.  

We are so confident that we provide both a Virus Recovery and a Data Recovery Guarantee.  

Worried your team could be tricked?
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The biggest risk to any business is an employee getting tricked into clicking a link in a phishing email. Even the most advanced technology cannot protect you. This FREE training booklet addresses the most common cyber security risks, and even has a “Cyber Safe” checklist at the end!

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