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Azure Virtual Desktop


Azure Virtual Desktop

Revolutionary remote working solutions.

Empower your staff with fast, reliable and secure virtual desktops

Modernise your IT infrastructure by switching to Microsoft Azure Virtual desktop with Bandicoot! We can provide a full migration service from your existing on-premise systems to a fully cloud based network.
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What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop or AVD is simply a collection of devices and services in the cloud. Your computers, servers and your network can all be hosted in the cloud rather than in your office.

Hosting in the cloud allows your business to run from anywhere. Remote or hybrid workers can work with the same efficiency as workers in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Azure is basically a collection of servers in the cloud which allows you to 100% work from anywhere.

These servers can be switched on and off during the day to save costs. For example we have one client who have 3 machines on permanently and more machines come up for use at peak times e.g. at 8am ten more machines come up ready for use and at 6pm ten go down. This allows for cost savings, as hosts that are not switched on are not billed for.

We use templates that the machines replicate so the “environment” is the same every time for the users. Each member of staff has their own profile. All the profiles are saved on a high-performance file server so there’s no lag.

It’s not straightforward and it is definitely not something we recommend a client could do for themselves. They take planning and preparation and perhaps even a few sleepless nights!

Remote workers are empowered to work just as efficiently at home as they did in the office. It all looks and functions exactly the same. No complicated set up arrangements to navigate every time, no frustrating technical issues to deal with. They can instantly access all the tools and customized applications used by the office based staff. It saves them hours in liaison and helps them to work efficiently.

Yes! We look after outside patching and security and Microsoft look after all the hardware. Azure is so reliable, efficient and empowering; we should be shouting from the rooftops about it!

It’s difficult to price, there isn’t a set price per user. It’s bespoke to the client depending on numbers of users, what server applications they run, whether any users need dedicated virtual machines or whether all users share resources, how many backup images you need to be able to restore from etc. It needs consultation and advice to get right. It’s certainly not something clients would want to organize themselves.

The major benefit is savings on PCs. When it comes to replacing PCs they can be replaced with a far lower spec, cheaper options. They are also huge benefits for homeworkers, particularly those who live in remote areas with poor internet connection or speed issues. Azure means they can work on their profile through slower internet connections, even their mobile phone connection.

The monthly costs are fixed, they will only increase or decrease as your staff fluctuate. There are no infrastructure costs, that’s all provided by Microsoft so it’s great from a cash flow and budgeting perspective.

Clients still need to subscribe to Peta to manage the machines provided by Azure but there are significant hardware savings.

Clients who already have fairly low spec or aging PCs could move to Azure and we would wipe the PCs and get them working like new again.

Companies with physical servers coming to the end of their term could go with Azure and save the cost of replacing them.

No, it just depends on how much they need or value IT and data, how much they use IT within their business and if they want their staff to work more efficiently.


How secure is Azure Virtual Desktop?

We treat the security of your virtual desktops very seriously. While users with Azure Virtual Desktops can log in to their desktop from anywhere, we have multiple layers of authentication in place to prevent any unauthorised logins.

Your Azure environment is also backed up nightly to a secure, offsite location.

Azure means that we can now offer hybrid working to staff and have confidence that they are empowered to work just as efficiently at home. No frustrating tech issues and complicated set up arrangements. Each member of staff has their own profile saved on server which comes up instantly when they log in. This means that all staff work on the exact same environment regardless of where they are. Even staff working from more remote areas with poor internet connection can work directly on their profiles via a 4G mobile. This includes our offices in Valencia, Spain. They have joined us on Azure, and we all work from the same data set which again increases efficiency and reduces costs!

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