It’s important to choose the right package for your business needs. Whether you are on a tight budget or you want us to do whatever it takes to protect your IT resources, we can help.

Giga is the very minimum that businesses should subscribe to. We manage your security updates and install our antivirus software. We also monitor your computers and are ready to support you whenever you need us.

Although 95% of the time we can fix your IT issues remotely, all our contract clients receive 20% off any onsite IT support that may be needed.

Tera clients also have unlimited Helpdesk Support, enabling us to quickly and effectively fix IT problems by taking control of the user’s mouse. Unlimited Helpdesk Support also includes Remote PC Set Up, taking away all the stress of setting up new PCs. All with the comfort of a fixed price, monthly support plan, helping you control your IT budget.

Peta, our Complete IT support package will give you the confidence that you are protected by the best virus, spam and phishing filtering service on the market. You will also have the peace of mind that we are monitoring your computers around the clock. Once we install our application onto your devices then our Remote Monitoring Suite proactively checks your devices and spots small problems before they turn into big ones!

IT Support services

With over 400 scripts for self-healing, it will save you valuable time in liaison with our engineers. Everything will work simply and seamlessly because of the automated checks. Rather than wait for problems to happen, the application alerts our engineers so that we can log in and resolve the issue before you are even aware of it.

Peta offers the additional the reassurance that your IT security has been professionally audited. We are so confident in our IT Security audit and security practises, that we provide a Virus Recovery Guarantee. Once you implement the recommendations, if you suffer from an encryption virus, not only do we guarantee a maximum 1 hour response time but we will also clean or reinstall any infected device/s free of charge. In conjunction with the our Data Recovery Guarantee as standard, you can rest assured that your Office 365 emails, diary and data are all securely backed up!

Peta also provides the competitive advantage of a personalised, expert, money saving maintenance plan. Every year we come out to do an Annual Strategic IT Review, ensuring your changing business needs are accounted for in a realistic upgrade plan. We run through your business plans, do a security update and provide you with a realistic plan for updating any old machines or software that no longer meet our Minimum Standards. We can also provide any technical specifications, giving you the reassurance that you are buying what you actually need! We can also supply any new equipment needed, making it a hassle-free experience.



You might choose Giga package as your first step away from DIY to having the backing of a professional IT Support company for only a small monthly commitment. Maybe you have some IT Skills in house but want the reassurance that we are monitoring your computers and are ready to support you at any moment. Maybe your computers aren’t critical to your business but you want the reassurance that your antivirus and security updates are managed and feel comfortable knowing that we are monitoring your computers and are ready to step in with discounted support when things go wrong.



Tera package is suitable for most businesses who rely on IT but are happy with the basic level of IT security that comes with our antivirus software management and monitoring system. If for example your business is part of a franchise or larger group then you might not get the benefit of the additional security elements included in the Peta package.
Tera package includes the same guaranteed fix and guaranteed response times as Peta, but because it doesn’t have that additional layer of security that Peta offers, for most clients Tera is likely to result in business continuity issues and unexpected invoices.



Peta package is for business owners that rely heavily on their IT and want the peace of mind that their IT security has been audited by experts and comes with our Virus Recovery Guarantee!
Peta is the Complete IT support package giving you total piece of mind and control over your IT budget.