Website Hosting – What’s The Worst That Could Happen?


Website hosting issues come in many forms and can hit when you least expect them to. Whatever the reason you may encounter an issue with hosting, the outcome is nearly always the same for you – website downtime. Your website suffering [...]

Website Hosting – What’s The Worst That Could Happen?2020-10-23T15:40:26+01:00

What are the Benefits of Office 365?


Modern businesses need to be nimble, adaptable and efficient, and they need the tools that will make these critical qualities work for them. Office 365 provides these tools. Making the switch to Office 365 might seem like a major step, [...]

What are the Benefits of Office 365?2020-08-19T09:26:59+01:00

Can You Save Money By Outsourcing Your IT?


Outsourcing is a relevant and hot topic to most businesses, including SME’s. According to YouGov, IT is the most outsourced area of business – over a third of UK firms want to hand over their IT support. We recently rolled [...]

Can You Save Money By Outsourcing Your IT?2020-07-29T12:43:30+01:00

Why Should I Outsource My IT Department?


Outsourcing your IT department might seem like a luxury, when in fact it could well be a necessity. Technology presents a challenge to many SMEs,  because has fast become essential to how they work yet it continues evolve so rapidly. And just as [...]

Why Should I Outsource My IT Department?2020-06-30T12:06:40+01:00

New IT Support Packages From Bandicoot


Over the past few months, we have been making a number of changes at Bandicoot. We have refocused on what we do best, by putting in place a range of improvements that you are going to love. As such, we [...]

New IT Support Packages From Bandicoot2020-06-01T10:06:04+01:00

Covid-19 And Business Continuity


We are living through unprecedented times and possibly the greatest challenge the world has had to face since World War 2. With the move to try and flatten the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic by asking people, if they can, [...]

Covid-19 And Business Continuity2020-04-05T11:05:06+01:00

How Much Does Web Development Cost?


One of the first things that people will want to know when they are looking to have a new website or revamp their existing one is, how much does web development cost? What Type Of Website Do You Want? The [...]

How Much Does Web Development Cost?2020-03-25T16:53:39+00:00

Our Website Hosting Packages


You might be starting out your exciting new business or looking to revamp your online presence then let us tell you about our website hosting packages and unlike most website hosts, we aren’t based in London! 2020 is an Olympic [...]

Our Website Hosting Packages2020-03-25T16:53:39+00:00

Which Office 365 Package Is Right For Me?


Here at Bandicoot Towers we are a Microsoft partner and big fans Office 365. If you have looked into getting Office 365 you may have noticed that there are several versions available and may be wondering which Office 365 package is right for me?

Which Office 365 Package Is Right For Me?2020-03-25T16:53:39+00:00
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