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Ten reasons why Bandicoot is the obvious choice for your IT Support

How do you know you can trust us to be your IT support provider?

We deliver IT services to over 200 businesses, typically based in the Northwest that have between seven and seventy computer users. We are ISO9001 and ISO27001 accredited and provide IT support packages, proactively monitor our clients’ systems and fix many things before the client even knows they’re broken! We also provide helpdesk support for IT issues and answer 99% within three rings!

The main industries we serve are:
• Engineering
• Distribution
• Logistics
• Accountancy services


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Our Team

Our small team of technical experts are based in our own premises and overseen by Stuart (aka Mr Bandicoot) the man who started it all in 2004. Read more about Stuart’s story here.

As you would expect from anyone with his technical genius, Stuart is a classic introvert, so we try to keep him in the background until we need his expertise. Tom handles all things operational and manages our team of friendly IT Technicians. Anna leads on business strategy, marketing, compliance, health and safety and all things HR.

We would love to chat about getting the most from your IT, whatever industry you work in!

Stuart Bowen


Managing Director (& Mr Bandicoot)
Stuart is Mr Bandicoot, the man who started it all, and our inspirational guru for all things IT-related.
Anna Bowen


Commercial Director
Anna is fully CIPD qualified and does Bandicoot’s HR and Marketing; she also leads on Business Strategy.
Tom Coley


Operations Manager
Tom is responsible for ensuring the operational side of the business runs smoothly.
Jamie Bowen


IT Technician
Jamie's role is to support clients with IT issues, edit and fix websites, and install PCs.


IT Technician
Oscar’s role is to support clients with IT issues, fix laptops, greet clients and install PCs.

John Burton

IT Technician
John’s role is to support clients with IT issues, fix laptops, greet clients and install PCs.
Karin Wilson


Karin balances the books and does all the usual clever things that accountants do.  


Head of Morale
Bruce has the important job of managing the music playing in the office, and making tea and coffee for all employees.

Mission statement

Partnering with businesses, supporting them to work more efficiently, through effective use of Information Technology.

As an Engineering SME founded in 1993, we have always been imaginative with our use of I.T. within the business. Our systems touch every corner of the operation and it’s imperative that they always run reliably. Keeping them in good shape can be challenging. I have worked closely with Stuart on everything from asset & system logging & documentation, hardware maintenance, disaster recovery planning, data backup, configuration, software solutions, database design & development, CCTV and communications etc.

Having been let down by our previous I.T. support company, I’ve found Bandicoot to be a complete breath of fresh-air. They have been extremely competent, helpful and responsive to all our challenges and on the back of that, I’m committed to including Bandicoot in all our forthcoming & future I.T. Projects. I have been reassured by the level of support provided by Bandicoot to date. It helps me to sleep at night. I am happy to personally recommend Stuart and his team to you too.

Shaun Greenwood
Alphatek Hyperformance Coatings Ltd
Shaun Greenwood - Alphatek

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Bandicoot are part of Burnley Bondholders

Anna Bowen

Anna Bowen

Commercial Director

About Anna

Anna is fully CIPD qualified and has a background in HR and business. She is responsible for commercial strategy and business development.

In addition to leading the company’s business expansion and strategic market positioning, Anna champions the prioritization of people. Whether it’s nurturing employees, fostering customer relationships, or engaging with the community, she believes in cultivating trust and loyalty. She understands that satisfied customers not only return but also become enthusiastic advocates for the brand, serving as catalysts for sustainable growth.

Anna moved to Burnley in 2009 and says it’s the best place in the world to live and is in awe of its rich industrial heritage. I her spare time Anna likes nothing more than riding through the countryside on a steady pony.

Stuart Bowen

Stuart Bowen

Managing Director (& Mr Bandicoot)

About Stuart

Stuart is Mr Bandicoot, the man who started it all, and our inspirational guru for all things IT-related. Stuart’s area of expertise is so wide-ranging that it’s more like a whole continent. He has over 25 years’ involvement in IT across different sectors, applying his professional skills, while building up a formidable wealth of knowledge and practical experience. This includes Windows desktop and server support, networks, domains and DNS, email, databases, website hosting and developing specialist software.

He’s now added to his formidable experience by running both a successful IT company, and a business centre.

Stuart personifies Bandicoot’s can-do approach to helping SMEs. He knows his tech, but he also knows people and how to support them. He says he likes being the boss because he doesn’t have to answer to anyone – except his customers, his staff, his tenants, his suppliers, Companies House and HMRC.

When not working, Stuart likes to cook, then eat what he’s cooked, then work it all off on long walks through the Lake District. He’s fond of the old techie joke: there are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Jamie Bowen

IT Technician

About Jamie

Jamie is the one and only son of IT guru and founder of Bandicoot, Stuart Bowen!

Like his dad, Jamie is almost permanently sat in front of a computer. He built his first PC at age five and has been obsessed with them ever since. Jamie is very creative and has always got some technical project on the go. At home he has his own workshop/mancave where he likes to work on his creations.

Jamie brings with him an NVQ level 3 in Computing from Burnley college and is best at writing software in a variety of languages, his favourite being Bash and Rust. He is getting his “grounding” on the IT helpdesk at Bandicoot before we decide how to channel his technical skill into services for our clients.

Despite being technical, Jamie is actually quite sociable and enjoys nothing better than a few beers with his mates on a Friday night.

Oscar Reynolds

IT Technician

About Oscar

Oscar joined our team in February 2024, bringing with him a natural aptitude for technology and a passion for innovation. Currently undertaking a Level 3 Apprenticeship as an Infrastructure Technician, Oscar is dedicated to honing his skills and expanding his knowledge in IT. With aspirations to specialize in software development, Oscar plans to pursue further education upon completing his Level 3 qualification.

As a First Line Technician, Oscar plays a vital role in resolving IT-related issues for our clients. Whether it’s troubleshooting device problems, providing technical support, or assisting with installations.

Outside of work, Oscar enjoys indulging in his interests. Whether he’s diving into the world of software development, playing guitar, or binging movies and shows, he is always occupied with something. 

Tom Coley

Tom Coley

Operations Manager

About Tom

Having joined the company in 2014 as an apprentice and completing his NVQ and Microsoft Certifications, Tom is now Operations Manager at Bandicoot.

Tom is responsible for ensuring the operational side of the business runs smoothly while also working on the support desk and assisting with website development and maintenance. In addition, he’s passionate about developing internal software to aid our technicians and developers.

Tom finds both IT technology and web app development fascinating and absorbing, while staying on the right side of sociable – he shares this infectious sense of enthusiasm with his co-workers and the staff he supports.

Tom’s doing the job he loves, and you can clearly see this in his dedication to Bandicoot’s clients and the people he works with.

When Tom has a break from IT and web-related tasks he loves a bit of international travelling, while closer to home he can be found hiking, playing video games or ordering takeaways!

John Burton

IT Technician

About John

John joined our team in March 2024, bringing with him six years experience of working in the manufacturing industry as an IT Technician.

John has a natural aptitude for technology and enjoys helping people by making their work easier and more efficient through technical support and expertise.

As an IT Technician, John plays a vital role in resolving IT-related issues for our clients. Whether it’s troubleshooting device problems, providing technical support, or assisting with projects and installations.

Outside of work, John enjoys going to the Gym, playing his Xbox, cooking, cycling and walking. He’s also known to enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage, especially whilst on holiday!