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Your Onboarding Timeline


Your Onboarding Timeline

Day 1

Once you have signed your proposal, you will receive a welcome email from us. The email will ask you to fill in our online onboarding form - this gathers important information which we use to support your company more effectively.

Day 5
Management Agent Installation

Our management agent and business antivirus will be installed by our technicians. This is a manual process and we'll need around 20 minutes on each computer. Local Tera and Peta clients will receive a free onsite onboarding visit whilst Giga clients or those further field will be onboarded remotely.

Day 6
Network Audit

Our technicians will document your computer network, including your servers, router/firewall, and any other networking equipment.

Day 7
Microsoft 365 Onboarding

If you already use Microsoft 365, we will take control of your existing accounts and apply our security baselines. If you are not currently using Microsoft 365, we will migrate your emails and data over to a new Microsoft 365 instance.

Day 8
Set Up Email Security & Backups

For our Peta clients, we'll set up our Microsoft 365 backup and protection service.

Day 10
Create Tickets for Existing Issues

We'll ask you to outline any existing issues you've been facing before you signed up with us.

*Times may vary depending on how many devices you have and the complexity of your current network.