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5 Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

The use of keyboard shortcuts is a nice quality of life feature that with subtle usage can improve your computer abilities as well as raise efficiency.

  1. CTRL + C / CTRL + V
    We will start off with a pair of keyboard shortcuts which are incredibly powerful in their capacity to speed up the transfer of information. Copying and Pasting something whether it be a piece of text or whole folder structures is a regular occurrence in most environments and with careful application of these shortcuts your usage of a PC will be just that little bit more efficient.
    This shortcut comes in handy whenever you have a pesky program that has locked up your computer or has simply stopped responding to input. Using this shortcut will open Task Manager and will hopefully allow you to close the program that is causing you issues, however this is sometimes not enough and for that you’ll need the next shortcut.
  3. CTRL + ALT + DEL
    Sometimes when a program has crashed it can prevent you from doing anything with your computer, with careful use of this shortcut you will interrupt whatever is occurring and provide you with 5 options. This is especially handy for getting Task Manager open in certain situations.
  4. WINDOWS + L
    When in a business environment information security is extremely important and so being able to quickly secure your workstation/computer when you need to leave your desk is convenient. While this shortcut is mainly aimed at business users it is also at hand for the home user for keeping prying eyes where they shouldn’t be if you step away from your computer for a moment.
    A quick and easy way to minimize all open windows and allow you to get back to your desktop for whatever reason that may be. Worried that this may cost you more time than it saves by causing you to have to re-open all them windows then worry no more as using adding SHIFT to the start of the shortcut will re-open all windows those windows that you just minimized.

A full list of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts can be found at the following Microsoft page:

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