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Does My Business Need an App?

business app

Okay hands up,  if somebody asked you about your business and you directed them to the website, would you know if you had an ‘App’? Do you even know what they are for or why you should have one to support you online?

Sure if you are ‘down with the kidz’ (deliberate use of ‘z’ there), then you will know all about apps and the benefits they can bring to your business in the digital age. Or, you may use them regularly yourself, (Think Instagram, Uber, Facebook and Messenger), but not really understand why you should have one for your own company website and the advantages they can convey.

To give them their full title, Mobile Applications, holds a massive clue, but still doesn’t clearly explain the what’s and why’s. Neither does it help you build one if you haven’t got one yet, which lucky for you, Bandicoot IT can help with, as this is another area of expertise we specialise in.

So if you want to know more about how amazing apps can be and why you should have one, read on!

What is an App?

In its simplest format, an app, or application, is just another word for a computer program, and realistically they have been around for, well, as long as computers!

However, to think of an actual app and their purpose in the digital age, you really need to recognise the importance of mobile and tablet devices, and the fact that at least 60% of all computer searches are done on the go. An app is the software that allows programs to run on mobiles and tablets, and gives speedier, and more convenient access for users.

In other words, if you download an app to your mobile device, you don’t need to search for the website, you can just go straight to it by opening the application. Simples!

How will my business benefit from an App?

Well first of all, the most important factor is these applications are there for consumer convenience, and in the digital age, users want to access information easily and quickly, so you are at a distinct disadvantage if people need to carry out a long winded search for your website online, yet your competitor’s customers go straight to their website with one click of an app.

And here’s the other thing, business in the 21st Century is all about engagement and securing customer loyalty.

An app can provide these business necessities and reach a far wider audience than you could ever connect with personally.

Many businesses use their apps to create customer reward schemes, and in case you didn’t realise, this has much more meaning to your organisation than simply being seen as you ‘giving things away’. Existing customers on average spend a whopping 67% more with you than a new customer, and it’s a well-known fact that to have good customer retention is far less expensive to a business than to keep attracting new ones!

Furthermore, having a ‘low customer effort score’ is a big thing. We’ve already mentioned convenience as a massive factor in supporting sales, but did you know 96% of customers who perceive they have to put in too much ‘effort’ in order to engage with your products or services or more likely to become disloyal?

Another important positive to having an app is the ability to build your brand online. Brand visibility and securing the trust of customers in your brand is crucial to the long term success of your business.

In the past, you may have invested in giveaways such as pens, coasters or keyrings for your sales force to distribute to customers and sales leads in an effort to keep your business at the forefront of their minds when they are looking to make a purchase. Having an app is exactly the same approach, except it doesn’t contribute to the ever increasing pile of consumer waste in landfill. Instead, it creates awareness by strengthening your brand’s presence online, creates an identity and personalises your product or services.

Brand building is an essential part of any successful organisation’s marketing strategy and having an easily recognisable app is an important part of this process.

Finally, but of no less importance, having a successful app means you will stand out from your competitors. Your business will not only be perceived as trustworthy and engaging, but also forward thinking and creative. You will have a direct sales channel for customers to go to and they will love the fact that they have your information at their fingertips, detailing the latest products and promotions for them to buy in to.

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So if you are looking at updating your digital marketing strategy this year, and you want customers to get the most out of your website then why not contact us here or call us on 01282 506 616 to discuss how we can design and build an App to suit your business needs.

We have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing you with ideas and advice on how to generate more leads, increase sales and make 2019 your most successful year to date.

And by having your own personalised business app you will be going a long way to making this happen, so get in touch now if you want to find out more!

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