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Father’s Day – Best Gifts for Geeky Dads?

father's day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and so now is the time to be considering what token of appreciation you will give to the father / brother / uncle or significant male other come 16th June.

The tradition of Father’s Day actually dates back to the Middle Ages and was originally celebrated on March 19th by Catholic Europe; the custom was subsequently brought to Latin America by the Spanish and Portuguese and has more recently adopted the 3rd Sunday in June to follow the traditions of the U.S. who wanted to celebrate male parenting, but not until as recently as the 20th Century!

So how do you celebrate Father’s Day? With a trip to the pub and a few beers with the old man?

Or do you try and come up with something a little more inventive, longer lasting and that won’t give you a hangover for when you get up for work on the following Monday?

Well here at Bandicoot we have a few of our own suggestions for ideal ways to treat dad to something special on Father’s Day.

Want to find out more? Read on!

Geeky Gift’s Dad’s Will Love

There’s no doubt about it, Dad’s love to have a hobby.

Whether it’s a trainset they never grew out of, or something more physical like being part of the local walking group, Dad’s definitely enjoy having that one, (or two), topics that they seem to enthuse over, more than they do their own kids!

So here are some ideas straight out of the Dad School of fun and favourite male pastimes.

For the Music or Gaming Geek

You really can’t go wrong with a new set of wireless headphones so he can listen to his favourite dad music without inflicting it on anybody else.

Although if your dad listens to bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Blur then he’s got pretty sound tastes and maybe a blue tooth speaker would be a better idea so you can listen together!

And of course, a new headset probably wouldn’t go amiss if your dad enjoys gaming. There are some great options available, here are some of the best gaming headsets for under £50 that look at price, quality, ease of use and comfort for the wearer. All important factors to consider when choosing your gift for Father’s Day.

For the Football Geek

Okay so the season has now finished, and football favouring dads everywhere are like lost souls trying to work out what to do with all this free time they suddenly have.

Worse still, mums who are football widows during the season are now tearing their hair out at the prospect of their peaceful routines being disrupted with the addition of a third over-grown teenager hanging around, short of something to do!

Don’t worry, there are ways to solve this.  Get down to your dad’s favourite team shop and book him a stadium tour or if that does occupy his spare time in quite they way you want it to, what about this perfect Ticket Stub Diary?

He can spend the next two months going through all his jacket pockets, bedside cabinet and glove compartment in the car, gathering up all the old season’s tickets and arranging them in date order, although depending on the team, there may be some games he would rather forget!

For the Whisky or Wine Lover

This is an interesting one. Why not treat dad on Father’s Day to a whisky or wine tasting session so he can improve his knowledge whilst having a blinking good time getting slightly inebriated doing so?  There’s also loads of books on the market that tell the history and heritage of whisky and wine making so he will always know where his favourite tipple originated from.

Disclaimer here – Now here at Bandicoot we like to enjoy ourselves just like most people, but we are certainly not advocating getting Dad drunk as a skunk as they say in his favourite chair and then asking to borrow twenty quid… No, we would never, ever advocate that….

For the Computer Geek

Okay so your dad doesn’t like football, he doesn’t drink, he’s not into music and he’s got the best headset money can buy, what do you do now?

Well if your special fella loves being at his computer and uses it every single day, (which let’s face it, most people have to these days), why not get him a special Bandicoot IT Support Package as a gift that will last him all year?

Our superb support packages cover laptops, desktops, broadband, smartphones, back-ups and anti-virus amongst other requirements. They can be tailor made to suite and come as a range of optional packages so you can choose to have as much or as little support as you think he will need.

And the great thing is, once you have the package, dad can always get in touch at any time to upgrade if you are not sure of what cover would be best. He might even then want to talk to us about building a personal website or extending the support to cover the whole family, which includes YOU, so although Father’s Day is only one day, a Bandicoot IT Support Package really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Contact Us

So, if you are thinking of original ideas for your geeky dad this Father’s Day and you want something a little bit different that lasts way beyond an afternoon in the pub, you can contact us here or call us on 01282 506 616 to have a chat about IT Support Packages.

We offer sensational I.T Support designed to suit your dad’s personal needs and remember he can contact us too at any time to upgrade!

Call us today to find out more!

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