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Internet and Data Security – How Secure Are You?

Internet and daa security

Monday 28th January is Data Privacy Day, and hot on it’s heels is Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February!

Both of these occasions marking greater internet security and safety online have been growing in popularity, and are designed primarily to promote the safe and responsible use of technology.

This applies to all of us, not just in business but in our homes and personal lives too. The number of households in the U.K with a personal computer has grown from a minority of just 13% in 1985, to a staggering 88% in 2017.

Add to this the number of smart phones and devices that people use, particularly in the 16 – 54 age range, and you begin to realise how much technology, and crucially the internet, is a fundamental part of our every day lives, and with that the need for better safety and security online is increasingly paramount.

So if you are interested in protecting your data for Data Privacy Day, or you want to know how to be safer online for Safer Internet Day, read on…..

Data Privacy

Let’s start with data privacy. In our previous blog to mark Data Privacy Day which you can read here, we covered just about everything from ‘What is Data Privacy Day’ to data privacy tips for parents and how to make sure your business is protected.

To recap, Data Privacy Day is organised by the National Cyber Security Alliance, (NCSA), and their campaign Stay Safe Online promotes international safety and security for internet users across the globe.

There is an ever increasing need to stay clued up and remain one step ahead of those who threaten our data privacy, and whether you are a small business, a parent or part of a large organisation, staying cyber secure is vital to prevent any unwanted breaches of security that can at best, be an annoyance, but at worst cost literally thousands in financial losses as well as huge emotional turmoil to those affected.

Thankfully, in May last year, new regulations were introduced to protect our data, and with the introduction of GDPR, new laws state that companies must collect data under strict new guidelines, and furthermore, that this data must be stored securely at all times to protect it from misuse or exploitation. You can read more about how Bandicoot IT  are firstly, fully compliant, and secondly, can help you comply here.

There are of course some exemptions to the new laws which the ICO offer advice and guidance on, however if your company falls foul of the law, there can be sever financial penalties, and the recent high profile fines to global organisations such as Google and Facebook clearly demonstrate Data Privacy must be taken seriously.

Staying Safe on the Internet

So now we will look at Staying Safe on the Internet, which although the lines cross with Data Security, is a different concept.

Safer Internet Day is promoted within thousands of organisations and schools to educate on the potential dangers of the internet, and encourages the ‘responsible, respectful, critical and creative’ use of technology.

Furthermore, they have a plethora of educational resources for parents, carers and teachers who can access this information for support and tips on how to create awareness and improve knowledge towards staying safe online; and when you read the stats on cyberbullying you can see why these resources are so crucial for personal and emotional wellbeing, particularly amongst young people.

Children’s charities report that the rise in mental health disorders correspond with, (amongst other issues), the rise in a 24/7 culture and the constant stimulation from social media and, whilst there are many positive aspects to children being able to access the internet, studies suggest it is sensible for parents, (particularly of young children), to limit their time spent online.

It is not just young people however who can fall victim to cybercrime.

Shoppers who use the internet are encouraged to practice ‘safe surfing and shopping’, and if you use internet banking never share your details with anybody!

Cyber criminals have very sophisticated ways of phishing for information, which basically means they send emails enticing you in to share your personal information, although there are ways to spot these emails, and our advice is to always, always be on your guard!

As we mentioned though, Safe Internet Day is not just about the negatives of the internet, far from it!

Advancements in technology allow people to use the internet in increasingly creative ways, and the advantages from the internet of improving people’s lives thankfully outweigh the negative aspect. There are many scholarly articles available on how the internet has changed society; providing vital information on business, travel, education, and on the very fabric of society itself!

And here at Bandicoot IT, we feel privileged and just a teeny bit proud of the small part we play within the global phenomenon that is the world wide web!

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