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Reasons why Bandicoot is the obvious choice for your IT Support

1. We are “seasoned” IT professionals  

We deliver IT services to over 200 businesses, typically based in the Northwest that have between seven and seventy computer users. We provide IT support packages, proactively monitor our clients’ systems and fix many things before the client even knows they’re broken! We also provide helpdesk support for IT issues and answer 99% within three rings!

The main industries we serve are:

  • Engineering
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Accountancy services

We also create systems to help our clients to keep track of all their KPIs/project milestones/stock levels/accounts etc. Our systems give clients key metrics helping them to meet their performance targets and improve their profit margins.

We have been providing hosting and maintenance solutions for websites and software since 2004, so clients can rest assured that all aspects of their IT support is catered for. 

2. We have a proactive team

The technical side of the business is lead by Stuart (aka Mr Bandicoot) who has continuously worked in IT roles since 1994! Stuart has worked in Software Development, IT Helpdesk, Server management and since setting up his own business in 2003, he has worked in every aspect of IT support. We now have a team of four IT Technicians, that all trained and completed apprenticeships with us, who are now experts on their own right.

Our team are always building our business both internally and externally. We constantly work on our technical infrastructure to make sure that we can deliver the service we are marketing. It’s that proactivity and drive to look for innovative solutions that makes us able to consistently deliver on our service promises.

3. We provide SLAs and guarantee our work

Not only do we detail Service Level Agreements in our contracts, but we include also the following guarantees:

  • Three ring guarantee
  • Response time guarantee
  • Guaranteed IT Fix
  • Data Recovery Guarantee
  • Virus Recovery guarantee
  • Website uptime guarantee

We have a large screen in the technician’s office with all our open support tickets displayed; they are colour coded and flash amber or red if the ticket is approaching our guarantees/SLAs.

4. Clients trust us with their operations

We can give you numerous examples where clients have placed huge amounts of trust in us to manage their IT infrastructure despite their entire operations being heavily dependent on it. Stuart not only has huge shoulders, but he has an excellent team of IT Technicians that he trusts to support him.

Read our case studies, testimonials or watch the video on our homepage and you will see examples where clients have talked about their experiences working with us.

5. We are security experts

We are Cyber Essential accredited and provide IT support packages that keep businesses safe from cyber attacks. We give a Data Recovery Guarantee and a Virus Recovery guarantee, which helps our clients to sleep well at night, feeling secure in the knowledge that their systems, data and profits are safe! 

6. We are five star rated on Google and our clients love us

The strongest indication that we are fulfilling our promises is when our customers are willing to share positive experiences with others. Look at our Google reviews or visit our testimonials page to find out why so many businesses across Lancashire and way beyond, continue to choose Bandicoot.

7. We provide long term support to clients

We hold regular Business Technology Reviews with clients to ensure they are happy with their IT support and that the contracts between us are right for their needs.  Often clients ask us to supply hardware, work on their Technology infrastructure or create bespoke systems to help them manage their operations. 

When we provide IT infrastructure or design new systems for clients, we continue to support those systems year in, year out.

8. We design systems that make businesses profitable

Since 2004 we have been designing systems for businesses that want to run their operations in a more efficient way. These systems help business owners to managers feel proud and in control of their operation, Helps prioritise tasks and plan resources needed with greater efficiency and accuracy and ultimately to make more profit.

Once systems are designed, we continue to support clients with hosting and maintenance packages, so their systems are secure and when their businesses inevitably change, we change their systems too.

9. We are value driven

Working together since 2004 has come fairly easy to Stuart and I, like our family life, Bandicoot is highly functional. Our closely aligned values as a married couple are reflected in our business and in our management team. We all simply strive to provide the best possible service we can for an honest price, and we do this by serving each other. 

We care deeply about the environment and our community. We have an environmental policy and are currently working towards ISO14001. For more information about what we do for our environment and community go to

10. We are here to stay

After a steady start that begun in our spare bedroom, we bought our own premises in 2015. Since then, we have continued to grow and have supported all four of our technicians to pass their apprenticeships, now all experts in their own right.

In 2014, Tom joined us to do his IT apprenticeship. Tom is Stuart’s right-hand man and now runs the operational side of the business along with his own team of IT technicians.

Now you have ten good reasons why Bandicoot are the obvious choice for your IT support so why not book a discovery call with Stuart or Tom?

We are here to help you to get value for money from your investment in IT, and to feel proud of your operation as we support you to run it in a more efficient and profitable way.

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