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Website Design Trends for 2019

website trends 2019

Website design trends have come a long way since the start of the internet way back in the 1980’s; who can remember the old clunky looking pages? The basic images and the old fashioned fonts.

Thankfully, it has never been a more exciting time to be a website designer, and the trends change almost as rapidly as you can say ‘I need a new website’!

So what’s new for 2019? And should we be following the trends closely, or as designers, looking for our own new and innovative ways to make websites stand out?

Here at Bandicoot we are proud to have a wealth of web design experience amongst our team of experts, so we are going to take a look at what’s hot and what’s not, for website design in 2019.

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Web Design, Lead or Follow?

A great design should spark interest, create awareness and ultimately draw attention to your website, meaning more visitors, more leads, more sales.

It should also have a longevity that means the original appeal does not go ‘out of fashion’, and that, with subtle updates your design is representative of your organisation for years to come.

So finding the perfect design is quite rightly, not a decision to make in haste. It is also a time to decide whether to go with something completely ground-breaking, or to go with a tried and tested trend, that people are known to respond to. Of course, coming up with something off the wall is exciting and can be very eye catching, but will it turn people away because it is unfamiliar?

Or, if you play it safe, will your website become lost amongst the millions of other websites out there, offering nothing but the same tried and tested design?

Our ethos at Bandicoot, is ultimately to be guided by you, the customer, on how you would like your design to look and represent your organisation; there are some key fundamental that we can advise on, such as providing a good user experience and encouraging visitors to engage, but with so many fantastic options available, you can really come up with some cutting edge, state of the art designs!

Trends for 2019

With all of this in mind, the trends for 2019 have lots to offer and some things to consider are;

Animation and interactive graphics – this gives an overall improved user experience and retain visitor attention, as anybody who clicks on to your website will want to feel involved and stimulated to explore further. Word of warning though, don’t overload your website with animation and interactive graphics, as this could overwhelm some visitors and they will end up frustrated and simply go elsewhere. Balance, as always is key.

AMP – In terms of web development, AMP or, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is definitely becoming more of a ‘thing’. AMP is a way of loading your website more quickly for those users on the go, or across multiple devices, and content rich websites coded with AMP, load far quicker than those pages which are non-AMP.

Serious Logo Design – This is all about the statement you want to make about the importance of your brand. It’s a move towards your organisation being recognised as, or perceived to be, a more significant player in your sector. Call it an ‘intellectual upgrade’ if you like, or even a step towards safety in the marketplace, but choosing a ‘Helvetica’ or ‘Arial’ over a more casual font is going to gain kudos in terms of design.

Keeping it light – And whilst on the topic of logo’s designs are still moving away from chunky, ‘filled in’ lettering. A more contemporary look is for letters to have an outline that is transparent on to your page, which draws people in through the visual connection, and is not seen as a barrier to your page.

Be Brutal! – In stark contrast, a design that is sharp and evokes a ‘sub-culture’ ideal takes people away from the once ‘cute’ designs that were all the rage at one point. These kind of designs soon become ‘twee’ and outdated, whereas a more bold statement is about building confidence in the brand, and non-more so than through the imagery and design. Brutalism design does exactly what it says on the tin, and is carries a strong call to action. Do be aware though that this kind of design is a bit like marmite, it can be an instant winner, or instantly turn people off who don’t like the ‘in your face approach’!

Fluid shapes – Straight lines and flat designs are a thing of the past, people want to connect with more fluid designs and more organic shapes that are more representative of a natural form. By adding fluidity, you can add texture and an element of nature which can turn an otherwise generic design in to something more interesting and eye-catching. Before you go with this idea however, consider whether fluid designs and organic inspired shapes fit with your particular brand.

Nostalgia – Maybe it’s because people want to feel a connection to less troubled times, or when life was more simple to navigate, there is no getting away from the fact that designs representative of a nostalgic theme are very popular, and this trend will continue through 2019. There is a deep psychological power connected to nostalgia, and whichever decade from recent history we perceive to be the best, somebody will always get the same sentiment from a different era. But whatever era that may be, and you can call it ‘vintage’, ‘traditional’ or ‘classic’, having a nostalgic theme always proves popular.

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So as you can see, it’s a design mine field out there and unless you have lots of graphic design experience you could go down a path that is neither relevant or conducive to your brand and the message you want to get across! If your head hurts at the prospect of all the design options you can go with, not forgetting things like web development trends you need to consider, then why not contact us here or call us on 01282 506 616.

Our team of dedicated professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can assist you with any queries you may have about designing your website that will be bang on trend and that will stand the test of time.

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