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Case Study: New Foundations

New Foundations are a growing Housing Association based in Rossendale, Lancashire. They wanted a system to help them track their properties and tenants. They purchased some “off the shelf” software from another company, but it was not flexible enough to meet their needs. It took too long to fill in all the compulsory details and all items needed to be entered in code form rather than names. They reverted back to entering information in spreadsheets which they could update quicker, but the data was not linked up to their systems and they could not easily extract data for their board meetings.

We created a system which they could:

  • Easily enter information, with some optional fields and note areas
  • Link or embed certificates for gas, asbestos and insurance recording
  • Receive prompts for timely reviews and scheduled maintenance
  • Extract timely information in report format easily for presentations to the board
  • Store rent information
  • Allocate properties to single or multiple individual tenants who aren’t necessarily related

The new system handles properties and sub properties, occupants and empty rooms, maintenance schedules, contractors, review dates for all key services such as gas, electrics, health and safety, emergency lights, asbestos, and smoke detectors.

They have been so happy with it they even referred a new client to us, and have also migrated their database to Azure for added resilience and security.

We transferred our IT support over to Bandicoot over a year ago. We were looking for a company to overhaul our website, which Bandicoot did. We received amazing feedback for the new look, interactive site. They also Created a fantastic new housing management software programme for us. If we ever have any IT issues, their response time is immediate.

John Spencer, New Foundations Housing Association

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