Fax – Email Integration

Throw away your old fax machine! We can provide an end to end service that integrates faxes into your email system. Send and receive faxes from Outlook!

Your faxes are delivered to you as an attachment to an email, the email is sent to you within seconds.

Blocks of numbers are available for departmental fax distribution.

Each email states the time it was received, the caller id and the called number and you have the choice of receiving the fax as an image (tiff file) or a pdf.

We can also allow you to send an email to any fax machine by simply using the phone/fax number in the email address. To send a fax you could address an email 'To: 01234123456@bandicoot.fax.co.uk' using your normal email-application, no special software is needed and you can add attachments if you wish. We accept plain text files .txt, Acrobat .pdf, Rich text format RTF, Word .doc / .docx and Excel .xls / .xlsx files.

Reduced Costs

Save on the cost of a fax machine and the rental of a telephone line.

Accessible Anywhere

Check your faxes from anywhere you can receive an email.

Environmentally Friendly

Saves on paper, trees and the environment.

Easily Re-use

Easily copy and paste the fax images into other image applications.


Distribute the fax as easily as forwarding an email!


Automatically archive the fax along with your email.