Over the last few months we have been reviewing our Giga Tera and Peta IT support packages with the aim of increasing the features and benefits. The highlights of which will be:

  • Giga Tera and Peta clients have all been migrated to a much improved monitoring and patching system.
  • Giga clients will receive automatic fixes to reduce support calls and ad hoc support invoices.
  • Giga clients with more than ten devices will also receive an annual strategic review to help with IT direction.
  • Peta clients will benefit from improved security with additional Zero Day Threat antivirus protection.
  • In addition to email scanning, Peta clients files in OneDrive and SharePoint will also be scanned for viruses.
  • Peta clients will also have the option of remote desktop software to facilitate homeworking.

We’ve been so busy looking after your IT and making sure that everything’s running smoothly, that we haven’t run an internal pricing review since September 2019, when we created the Giga Tera and Peta support packages. So, we sat down and went through all our costs and found that some of our business expenses such as payroll, monitoring and security software, domains, backup licenses and storage have had significant price rises lately.

We calculated that to continue providing great service & support to you and your team and to make sure that we as a business are here for the long term, we need to raise the following package and product prices slightly to cover the inflationary increases we are all seeing in the news, plus the additional benefits listed above.

You’ll notice this slight increase on invoices from the 1st of July onwards:

  • Giga Support – £8.00
  • Tera Support – £24.00
  • Peta Support – £30.00
  • Managed Backup 500GB – £43.50
  • Managed Backup 1000GB – £63.50
  • Managed Backup 1500GB – £83.50
  • Managed Backup 2000GB – £103.50
  • .co.uk or .org.uk Domain – £1.80
  • .com .org or .net Domain – £2.30
  • .coop Domain – £10.50
  • .uk Domain – £2.50
  • Exclaimer Email Signature Management – £1.50

As always, if you have any questions, just let us know.

Have an amazing week!