GDPR Stop Panicking and Prepare


The media has gone into a GDPR frenzy now that we’re less than 100 days away from the May deadline. But is all the fuss necessary? Shouldn’t most organisations already be taking data protection seriously? In our last blog on [...]

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What Do the GDPR Changes Mean for Your Business?


Now we know this is not the most exciting subject we could be talking about (well, we think it’s exciting, but we know that we IT folk are a rare breed!) but there are new rules about data that are about to come into force and, if you’re a business, you really do need to know about them. So grab a brew and sit down for 5 minutes, and then at least you can’t say afterwards that we didn’t warn you! The current Data Protection Act (DPA) exists to protect people’s personal data stored digitally or physically. Originally, it was a late 20th century thing, a response to increasing amounts of personal data being collected, and being accessible, but now data protection is going 21st century, which mean new regulations and much greater accountability.

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