Top Tips

Make you and your computer happy and take a look at these Top Tips!

Make sure to keep antivirus software up to date and to check that the license hasn’t expired.
By having a unique password for every account hackers will at most only gain access to one account.
Never open attachments on emails from unknown senders.
Make sure that the firewall on your PC is enabled and configured correctly.
Always back up important files and programs on an external disk in case of data loss.
If you share a workstation with a colleague educate them so they don’t make any of these mistakes.
Leaving you monitor turned on overnight can cause the image to become permanently burned into it. Make sure to turn it off.
Use unique passwords for each of your accounts so if a password is compromised only one account can be breached.
Always remember to never save your passwords onto a public device.
It is recommended to change your passwords every 30 days to increase security.
Make sure that your privacy settings for social media are set up correctly.
Never click a link in an email, Always navigate to a website by yourself using your browser to prevent a malicious redirect.
Using software like CCleaner can free up space by removing files left behind after uninstalling a program and speed up your computer.
Make sure to regularly run you antivirus’s scan tool to make sure your PC has not become infected.
Leaving your desk? Infromation Security is important in a business environment so remember to press Windows Key + L to lock your PC.