Case Study: Burnley Bridleways Association

What we do for Burnley Bridleways Association

Cosima Towneley Chair of Burnley Bridleways Association needed a website that would help and inspire riders to keep riding the fantastic Bridleways we have in Burnley and to educate and engage riders into saving other routes that are under threat. Part II of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 means that historical footpaths and bridleways, which came into existence before 1949 but which have not been recorded on the definitive map and statement by 1 January 2026, may be extinguished.

The new website educates visitors on what is happening and what riders need to do to keep their local routes open. It has automated the membership and renewal process which has taken the administrative burden away from Cosima. Visitors can now read about local routes, look at photographs, buy books, guides and enter events arranged by the Association. Members can blog on the members forum, upload images of routes they are riding which can then be used by the group to claim routes.

What Burnley Bridleways Association had to say about us

Thank you so much everyone at Bandicoot. This had been something on my mind for such a long time but due to a bit of ‘technophobia’ it always got put to the bottom of the list in the hope it would go away!!! However, you nurtured me through the process with great patience and I am simply amazed at what you came up with. It looks stunning, professional, easy to use, inviting and informative. I only hope I can keep it up to the high standard you designed it to be. I could not recommend a company and it’s people more. In the meantime here’s to encouraging others to join the site, the group and the cause because whilst … the air of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears, those bridleways will not mend or open themselves. Thank you all.

Cosima Towneley, Burnley Bridleways Association

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