Case Study: Wioleta Wydrych

What we do for Wioleta

We first started working with Wioleta in late 2020 after Kate from Desire Branding designed her a new WordPress website. Once the new site was complete, Kate referred Wioleta over to us for WordPress website support and ongoing maintenance.

Since then, we’ve assisted Wioleta with many changes to her website, from adding new posts to integrating the site with Stripe and Provely.

We hope to continue working with Wioleta in the future!

This is what Wioleta had to say about us

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John Burton

IT Technician

About John

John joined our team in March 2024, bringing with him six years experience of working in the manufacturing industry as an IT Technician.

John has a natural aptitude for technology and enjoys helping people by making their work easier and more efficient through technical support and expertise.

As an IT Technician, John plays a vital role in resolving IT-related issues for our clients. Whether it’s troubleshooting device problems, providing technical support, or assisting with projects and installations.

Outside of work, John enjoys going to the Gym, playing his Xbox, cooking, cycling and walking. He’s also known to enjoy the odd alcoholic beverage, especially whilst on holiday!