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5 Benefits Of Having A Modern Website

Modern Website

5 Benefits Of Having A Modern Website

In the age of the internet and the advancements of technology – the likelihood of your business having a website, is pretty high. But is it a modern website? In this blog, we’re going to explore the top 5 benefits of having a modern website and how best to adapt your business to the ever-changing developments of the internet.

Going online is usually a customer’s first port of call when it comes to researching brands and businesses. If you provide a slow, insecure website, not only will you not rank and not get noticed on SERPs but you will damage the reputation of your business online. It is so important to maintain a fast, modern internet to impress the customers and the search engines.

5 Benefits Of An Up To Date Website

Here are 5 benefits of having an up to date website for your business:

Brand Reputation

A website is the shop window to your business. With your customers forming an opinion on whether they want to stay on your page in less than 0.05 seconds, it is crucial that your website looks and operates in line with what you want to promote about your business. Having a modern website will automatically brand you as a modern business, something prospects want to be a part of.

Of course, a website’s pages should look good, but having a modern website also means taking care of the technical nuances that are pivotal in helping your site run in accordance with the speedy nature of the internet.

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Improved Usability

You want your website to increase leads and engagement for your brand. By ensuring you are running a modern website, you have a higher chance of ranking higher on search engines, thus creating more engagement. The easier your site is to navigate and use, the better the results for your business!


With ‘secure it for your business’ being our tagline, you will know that security is of our upmost priority. By operating a modern website, with the latest security software, it means your websites are easily updated without the fear of viruses or hacking.

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One of the quickest evolving features online is search engine algorithms. It is important that you are up to date with your business’ content in order to monitor its rankings on SERPs. With a modern website, there are numerous tools that make monitoring your SEO easy.

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In 2021 it was found that 63% of organic search engine visits came from mobile. More and more people are accessing the internet, and your website from their phones. This means that your website needs to be appropriately optimised for responsive design. A modern website with a responsive design makes it more accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Why is a modern website important?

With the advancements of not only search engines but social media too, it is crucial that your website maintains a contemporary feel and operations to make its mark in your industry. A modern website is important when the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are all attracting potential customers and prospects. There is no use driving traffic from an upmarket, modern social media page to a slow, aged website.

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